Danbury (Male)

Meet Danbury from our Bridgerton Litter. Danbury has a wavy apricot coat and white markings. He is very dapper in a beautiful white tuxedo and white blaze. We expect Danbury to grow to be about 30-35 lbs. He is sweet boy who loves to play with his littermates. Danbury is just like his dad, a happy-go-lucky boy who loves to get kisses and cuddles from his people. He is looking for the perfect family to bring him home! Is it you?

Duchess (Female)

Meet Duchess from our Bridgerton litter. She has a beautiful wavy cream coat with  a white blaze. Duchess will range in size from 25 - 30lbs when full grown. Her coat is so touchably soft, and we expect it to be on the curly side. She is such a goofy and playful little girl, always wanting to be in the mix of things. She loves to be the center of all the excitement, and is usually the first to take on new experiences. Duchess will be a great addition to any family, and can't wait to meet the right one!


Newton (Male)

Meet Newton from our Bridgerton Litter. Newton has a gorgeous red wavy coat and liver nose. He's coat is incredibly fluffy and soft, just like his father. We are expecting Newton to grow to about 30-35 lbs. He is a relaxed and laid-back boy, who loves to snuggle with his family. He is never far from our side, and is incredibly smart. Don't get me wrong, Newton will happily play with his littermates and take on new adventures, but he is just as happy to sit back and relax on the couch if that is what you would prefer. Newton can't wait to find his perfect match and new home!

Our waitlist is currently open for all litters. If you are interested, please Click HERE to complete an application!

Please contact us for information about the availability of puppies from our next litter of Australian Labradoodles

Prestige Labradoodles accepts 5 to 6 non-refundable deposits per litter and reserves the right to retain puppies for breeding.

On rare occasion we may have to use a different male than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances using a particular stud. We may decide to go with another male simply to improve a litter. Mother Nature participates in all breeding, thus the unforeseen can and does occur: small litters, non-conception, reabsorbed puppies and/or miscarriages, still born puppies, etc.

Upcoming litter arrival dates are estimations based on prior heat cycles. Actual due dates can not be determined until the dogs have been bred.

Sometimes a breeding dog becomes ill or fails to perform. We will work with you to make satisfactory arrangements if these circumstances occur.