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Dog Food

We feed our dogs Life's Abundance brand dog food and treats. We love this food because it has NEVER had a recall, has great ingredients, and makes our dog's coats look beautiful! All of the puppies are raised on Life's Abundance, and will be eating it when they go home.

If you have questions about dog food, we would be happy to make additional suggestions.


ID Tags

We prefer the CollarTags™ for Adjustable Length Nylon Collars for the 3/4 inch collars. Always include your names, Address, and phone number


Recommended Supplies

We have a couple suggestions of items you may need to help you get started. This is a list of recommended supplies that can be purchased through Amazon:

Find our favorite toys, crates, and grooming supplies below. Just click on the image to view the product on Amazon.

The Puppy Primer book is an excellent resource to help you prepare for your new addition!

Here are some shampoo and conditioning products that we recommend. 

We love these brushes! Everything by Chris Christensen is great, but these brushes are perfect for all of your daily grooming needs.

These are some other grooming tools you will want to have on hand.

Blunt tip grooming scissors

Hand-Held Nail Clippers

Dremel-Style nail file

Dematting Spray (Concentrated Formula)

We recommend this crate or one similar. Medium Labradoodles would want a Large or Extra Large crate, Mini Labradoodles would want a medium sized crate.

This seat-belt helps protect your pup in car rides. The harness style ensures that the belt would not pull on their neck in case of an accident.

We recommend a travel-crate like this one for puppy pickup. It is collapsible, and can be secured using a seatbelt during travel.

This is another option for puppy pickup and travel while they're small. The belt on the inside hooks to your dog's harness to keep them safe in case of an accident.

Although we get most of our treats from Life's Abundance, these are some other toy and treat options that we love. Please Note: We only recommend the Y-Bone shape of the Benebone. There are risks associated with some of the other styles.

Great option for storing food and treats.

In general, most Doodles are not very food-motivated, but not always. If you have a Doodle who tends to eat too fast, this bowl will make eating a puzzle, and will slow them down.

If you enjoy hiking or camping with your pup, this backpack is a great way for them to carry their own supplies. Our dogs love this, and it makes them feel like they have a job to do.

We love this front-hook harness for leash-training purposes.

Your pup will love this bed. It is super comfy, and machine-washable.

This is a lifesaver! Hook it on to your leash to ensure that you are never out of baggies when you take your pup for a walk.

This door mat is great! It does an excellent job of absorbing mess from muddy/wet paws. We love it so much we bought one for each door.

Bark Box

Our pups LOVE their barkbox, and we love the toys! We get the SuperChewer box, which provides us with several extremely durable toys for our dogs to love. If the toys alone weren't enough, the healthy snacks and treats that are included are great as well!

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