Upcoming Litters:

We are currently accepting applications for our Fall/Winter litters. We have three litters potential litters planned with three of our females.

Spring Valley's Reina Del Sur "Reina" & Blueberry Cotton's Rocket Raccoon "Junior"

Reina is a mini, at 17 pounds and her puppies will range from 20lbs to 25lbs. She loves going on adventures with her humans, and is the best snuggler. We call her our little teddy bear. She is a red, and carries for phantom coloring. Junior has an incredible temperament, and is very sweet and laid back. Together, Junior and Reina will produce some adorable minis that will have colors including red, apricot, sable, and phantom.


Spring Valley's Her Royal Eminence "Emmie" & Blueberry Cottage's Rocket Raccoon "Junior"

Eminence is 33 lbs, and her puppies will range from 25 to 35lbs. She has a gorgeous soft coat, and her puppies will have a range of beautiful coats of chocolate, caramel, and cream. Emmie is definitely Daddy's little girl, and is incredibly loyal. Several of Emmie's offspring have gone on to serve in therapy type roles, and generally have very laid-back personalities. We have paired Junior and Emmie before, and just cannot get enough to the amazing puppies they produce. They have the perfect temperament, and several puppies from this pair have gone on to work in therapy type roles.


Prestige's Calamity Jane "Lexi" and Spring Valley's We Need S'More (Sullie)

Lexi is one of our new mommas, and is Emmie's daughter. She has a beautiful cream coat that is luxuriously soft. Lexi is about 28lbs, and we expect her puppies to range from 25 to 35lbs.  Lexie is intelligent, playful, and loving, just like Emmie. We are so excited to be pairing her with Sullie. He is a happy-go lucky boy, and brings joy with him wherever he goes. We can't wait to see what colorings are produced from this match!



If you would like to be added to our waitlist for one of these litters, please Click HERE to complete an application!

Please contact us for information about the availability of puppies from our next litter of Australian Labradoodles

Prestige Labradoodles accepts 5 to 6 non-refundable deposits per litter and reserves the right to retain puppies for breeding.

On rare occasion we may have to use a different male than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances using a particular stud. We may decide to go with another male simply to improve a litter. Mother Nature participates in all breeding, thus the unforeseen can and does occur: small litters, non-conception, reabsorbed puppies and/or miscarriages, still born puppies, etc.

Upcoming litter arrival dates are estimations based on prior heat cycles. Actual due dates can not be determined until the dogs have been bred.

Sometimes a breeding dog becomes ill or fails to perform. We will work with you to make satisfactory arrangements if these circumstances occur.