Spring Valley's Her Royal Eminence (Emmie)

Eminence is lovebug that brings smiles to everyone she meets. She is quick to make friends with people and pups alike, and loves some quality snuggle time. She loves to play with her four-legged friends, but will never turn down an opportunity for a quick nap. We call her Tom's shadow, because she is almost always found laying right by his side. Eminence graduated top of her class in her Canine Obedience Class, and is well on her way to becoming a PAWS Certified Therapy Dog. When she completes this training, she will be sharing her love of life and her compassion with public school students with special needs. Her beautiful chocolate brown coat begs to be touched, and her favorite past-time is snuggling with her humans.

Size Medium
Coat Fleece
Color Chocolate
Weight  35 Lbs
Height  20 in
ALAA ALAA-060915
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows
Color Gen  bbEe

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Spring Valley's Reina Del Sur

Just like her name says, little Reina is Queen of the house! She may be a mini, but she has a bug attitude! Reina is quite the adventurer, always up for a ride in the car, or a walk around the lake. She loves exploring, and playing, but when it is time to come in, you will find little Reina right on your lap for some quality snuggling time. We call her our little 'Teddy Bear,' and can't get enough of her. Reina is our newest addition to the program, but we already know that her puppies are going to be as cute as she is.

Size Mini
Coat Fleece
Color Red
Weight  18lbs
Height  15 in
ALAA 071718
OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Elbows
Color Gen  Bbee

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