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Our Guardian Program

In the Guardian Home program, the family gets to care for the puppy as a permanent member of the family.  The family will love, train and raise the puppy throughout their breeding career and after.

Prestige Labradoodles maintains the breeding rights and pays for all of the breeding expenses.  We only need to have access to the puppy a few times a year for breeding and/or testing.

For a female they will come to us a week prior to having the babies and will return to their family as soon as the puppies are weaned which is usually around 6 weeks.  Afterward, and during her pregnancy, she stays with the family that knows and loves her.  Our guardian girls never have more than 4 litters and Prestige Labradoodles pays for their spay once they retire.  Afterward they remain with their wonderful families.

For males we need to have access to him for short periods of time for their honeymoons with the lovely girls.

One of the great benefits of being a guardian is that you get the VERY best of what Prestige Australian Labradoodles has to offer for an up front deposit which will be returned gradually throughout the dog's time in our program.  Our guardian puppies are the most exceptional puppies from a temperament perspective and are always absolutely stunning.   We are also always available to answer any questions that you may have.

Once they retire, they are spayed/neutered at our expense and stay with their families.

To qualify for our program you must

  • Own your own home
  • Live within 15 miles of Raleigh, NC
  • Have a physical, electric fence or commit to always having them leashed when outside
  • Commit to good health care and a quality diet
  • Have the dog on leash when in public
  • Maintain pet health insurance

If you are interested in being interviewed and/or wish to learn more about this program please contact us at PrestigeLabradoodles@gmail.com for further details.

Available Guardian Puppies


We currently have one puppy available as part of our Guardian Program.

This little cutie is Brienne. She is from Emmie and Junior's Game of Thrones Litter, and was born 11/22. Brienne will be a medium sized chocolate Labradoodle with a weight of about 35 pounds, and a height of about 22 inches when full grown. She has a super soft curly fleece coat just like her mother. Brienne is incredibly smart, and is already learning basic commands. She is very playful, and currently spends her days exploring the farm, and playing with our other dogs, Emmie, Lexi, Reina, and Apollo.

Brienne will be one of our future mamas, is available as part of our Guardian Program. If you are interested in being a guardian family for Brienne, and in being part of this program, please fill out an application below, and give us a call.

Find our application HERE